Located in the heart of Transylvania, in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca, Roxana Gabor's professional studio is more than 100 square meters wide and has dedicated make-up and wardrobe areas, a set building shop and a vast array of props and accessories. It's a versatile and comfortable space, situated not far from downtown Cluj. It is however far enough so there is always plenty of parking space, making it the perfect choice for companies and individuals alike. The studio is fully equipped with professional gear, from Canon cameras and lenses, to flashes, continuous light sources and other accessories, everything ready for great photo sessions.

Aside from studio shoots, Roxana Gabor also offers on location sessions in Romania and abroad, as she is fluent in Italian and English and loves to discover new places. A complex and perfectionist artist, she has extensive experience with fashion photography, editorial shoots, creative concept illustration and expressive portfolio images. She has the ability to create compelling images in accordance with the specific requirements of the job, but from her own unique perspective, which really sets her work apart and gained her a reputation as one of the best commercial photographers in Transylvania.

She believes that "professional photography is more than just faithfully copying reality. It's a fusion of emotion and intelligence, an interaction between the artist, her subject, its surroundings and the camera, that generates images able to communicate ideas or feelings to the viewer and that's exactly what she offers each time.